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5 Budget-Friendly and Impactful Ways To Refresh Your Home

Happy September! It's crazy how fast this year went by! I feel like with the changing season (and the holiday season slowly creeping up!) a lot of you are looking to change and update your home. You don't need to do a total gut renovation to give your space a new look. Just by doing a quick DIY and changing a few things (design is in the details!) you can instantly elevate your space. All of these updates are budget and renter friendly, so whether you rent or own your home, these 5 updates can be easy and affordable for everyone.

1. Changing up your cabinet hardware

Source: Pinterest

Good cabinet hardware completely elevates your cabinets/furniture and gives it a new life. If you aren't looking to redo your kitchen cabinets or you really love that dresser you've had for years, but you know it needs a little refresh... go and pick up some new hardware! There are so many affordable and unique options out there and it is so easy to swap them out. I've gathered a few great options here with links you can check out:

2. Get new pillow covers

Source: Studio McGee

Pillows. Are. Everything! They completely change the whole feel of your room. They are the perfect decor pieces for switching up with the seasons because they are just so versatile. It is so easy to swap pillow covers and you can really play around with them because they are so non-committal. Check out these cozy pillow options that are perfect for the fall season:

3. Update your light fixtures

Source: Pinterest

Light fixtures are so so commonly overlooked, which is unfortunate because it has such a big impact on your space. Upgrade your builder grade light fixtures (anything is better than the infamous boob light)!! A good light fixture makes a space feel finished and look like a million bucks. Try these budget-friendly ceiling fixtures as an alternative to builder grade ones that come with most homes:

3. Pinecrest 3 Light Flushmount, Wayfair, $156.54 (I used this in my Woodbine Gardens project and it looks even better in real life!)

4. Hang your Artwork right (not quite an update, but it will make your space look so much better!)

Source: Emily Henderson

Artwork can be a very personal thing and everyone's taste is different. No matter where you get your artwork from, make sure you are hanging them right so they can look its best! If you are hanging it over a piece of furniture like a sofa or a sideboard, the general rule of thumb is to hang it 8"-10" above so it looks like a cohesive grouping with the furniture. If the art is going on a blank wall, hang it so the centre of the piece is at eye level, about 5' off the finished floor.

5. Change up your door hardware

Source: Pinterest

Interior doorways can get overlooked because it doesn't seem like it makes a big difference. But when you are opening a door into a room, the first thing you experience/touch is the door knob. A small thing you can do to refresh your home is to just change the door knob or handle! Most builder grade ones are underwhelming and doesn't do any space justice. Consider some of these ones that you can get at your local hardware store for a reasonable price:

I hope this post gave you some helpful ideas of how to refresh your home! If you want to chat about some other ways you can update your space on a budget, don't hesitate to shoot me a DM on Instagram or leave me a message on my website.

Happy home updating!

- Yivian


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