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Design Philosophy

Yivian is a residential designer based in Toronto. She graduated with a Bachelor of Interior Design Degree (BID) from Ryerson's School of Interior Design, recognized in the industry as one of the top global interior design schools. She started her own business in 2019 to bring her own passion and flair to her client's homes.

Yivian strives to create spaces that will remain classic, fun and fresh for years to come. She believes that the state of your home plays a crucial role in your everyday life and should be a curated reflection of one's personality. Her eye for design, dedication and inquisitive nature will help you elevate your home, both aesthetically and functionally. Yivian will collaborate with you through the whole process to create a home that is beautiful, inviting, and most of all, reflects who you are.

Are you ready to design your dream home? Let's make it something you'll be excited to come home to every day. 

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